Across Ontario, high school students have returned to schools offering fewer course options, reduced supports and larger class sizes.

In the Toronto District School Board, for example, over 100 full-time teaching positions have been cut and many classes are approaching 40 students. As Ontario Secondary School Teachers’ Federation president Harvey Bischof summarized, “To put it bluntly, it’s a mess.”

Given that this is all a result of the government’s education cuts, it might be tempting to let the effects fully sink in to maximize the political fallout faced by Doug Ford and the PCs. However, this risks permanent damage to our world-class education system and the educational experience of its students.

So how do we clean this mess up?

Education Minister Stephen Lecce has an answer. With teacher contracts currently under negotiation, Lecce recently suggested that class sizes may not have to increase if Ontario’s teacher unions can provide other cost saving measures.

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